Less than 100 days until the beginning of the Rio Olympic Games. Ellen is a member of the Swiss 4 x 100 m relay team and a heptathlete. On this blog you will find weekly updates, photos and videos on Ellen Sprunger’s journey to Rio.

    Adecco is committed to the professional development of the athletes and trainers of Swiss Olympic with the Athlete Career Programme “ACP”. The services are offered to current and former junior and elite athletes as Christine Urech. Read the interview now.

    Adecco is committed to the professional development of the athletes and trainers of Swiss Olympic with the Athlete Career Programme “ACP”. The services are offered to current and former junior and elite athletes and trainers, aiming to help them make a smooth start or transition to their professional working career after a phase in their life that has been focused on sport. One of them: Alex Baumann, winner of the Europe Cup and 3rd placed in the World Cup in Igls 2015.

    What are our goals for 2016? Which sports will we choose for this year’s Win4Youths? How will we promote young talent with the Way to WorkTM project? And how will we shape the future of our work?

    It’s slowly but surely getting Christmassy. Candlelight, Christmas decorations, angels and Santa Clauses create a contemplative mood. But how is this effecting you at your workplace?

    LinkedIn, Facebook and Co. are popular with HR managers and applicants alike. This poses a number of potential hazards, however

    Today’s job market is fast moving and dominated by changes to which employees and employers constantly have to adapt. It has become the norm – or even desirable – for employees not to stay at the same job for their entire career or remain loyal to the same company. Extensive work experience, adaptability and up-to-date expertise are called for.

    Young people think that foreign languages are superfluous. However, the business world requires foreign languages skills. Is just English enough? Would another national language be the better option? And how about more exotic languages?

    “Love what you do and do what you love”, says our new CEO Nicole Burth Tschudi. Learn about how she wants to make sure we as a company remain a strong and successful team.

    Preliminary interviews by telephone or video call have their challenges. Find out how to ensure a successful conversation.

    Corinne Scheiber, our Medical & Clinical Experts Business Line director, talks about the challenges facing HR in the healthcare sector in Switzerland.

    Physical activity strongly affects the working atmosphere as well as the motivation and performance of employees. Adecco has taken on this subject and connects internal sports activities with a good cause – and donates money for youth projects around the world.

    Experts agree: digitalisation of the business world is the future. Those who can achieve a profitable digital transformation will have a profitable period of business to look forward to. Adecco has already made a bold start and is now in the midst of a process of change.

    Conventional applications in response to conventional job advertisements are now a practice which has passed its sell-by date. Social media channels, apps and recrutainment are becoming increasingly important in terms of both personnel recruitment and job search. Find out more about current trends.

    Are companies aware of the importance of a carefully planned and well-written job advertisement? The results of the seventh Trend Report Online Recruiting Switzerland from Prospective Media Services AG provides interesting answers to this question.

    Whenever you change jobs, the all-important moment comes when you receive your employment reference. A good reference opens doors for job seekers – a less-than-positive one, however, may very well have a disastrous effect on your further career development.

    A job and career on the one hand, and children and family life on the other. Are these areas of life mutually exclusive in our beautiful Switzerland?

    Unemployment, especially youth unemployment, remains alarming, notably in Europe, where uneven recovery has not brightened underlying pessimism. Worldwide, more than 200 million people are without work – almost 40 per cent of them 25 or younger. Although we have relatively low youth unemployment in Switzerland, it is noticeable that young people often display a certain lack of orientation and experience difficulties at the start of their working careers. This is where the CSR-Initiative Adecco Way To Work™ is intended to help.

    We are developing incredibly quickly with regard to networking. In 1995, there were just on 16 million people online; today it is almost 3 billion. We are continually mobile, networked, online and communicationally available. The question poses itself as to whether it is still at all viable to be offline.

    What says more about an applicant, their official CV or their social CV? In addition to the official résumé, what is called the social CV is becoming ever more important. The Adecco Social CV Check shows which information on one’s own Facebook profile on the social Web is publically available and how the settings can be changed in order to have even better chances when job searching. See the 5 most important DOs & DON’Ts on Facebook.

    It wasn’t a typical internship, it was more a discovery. I had the opportunity to visit a lot of different departments and branches at Adecco. It was a wonderful experience. I am truly happy that I was chosen for that internship. It was a whole month filled with new things and surprises. When I first applied for this internship, I knew the company, I knew the core business. At least, that’s what I thought. From the inside I could see, why and how it was one of the very few Swiss Fortune 500 companies.

    Today, I am going to Glattbrugg (ZH) where there is the german part of Adecco Switzerland and also the CEO, Mr A.. I traveled by train during the morning as the appointment was scheduled at 1 o’clock. I could use that time to start writing the conclusion report. It was great to remember the very first day and look how far I came with this Adecco Experience. I really had the opportunity to understand how the business works at Adecco Switzerland and get some insights about each and every department I had the pleasure to visit.

    I am spending the day at the Flon in the permanent staffing. There are different business line at the Flon like Permanent staffing for Hotel & Catering, Office & Administration or Industrial. Important in this domain: they have to go to the clients because the clients don’t automatically come to them as temporary placement. It seems that this particular sector works a little on the networking. They have to meet the client, talk with him, understand what he exactly wants and establish a good collaboration.

    I am spending the day at the Pricing department today. I think it’s an important department in a company as it’s the one that will decide the right price of the products at a time. At least that is what I think when I hear Pricing department. Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am right, but here I am to see how it really is.

    Second day in the Marketing Department. I got the chance to spend a day with the swiss CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), Mr S. J. He even asked me if I had any idea to improve the communication or the part on the market for permanent placement. I didn’t have a lot of time to think about that and it was pretty spontaneous but I was so thrilled to think about that and be able to tell him my point of view. I am again writing my report of the day about a yet again amazing experience. Adecco Experience is really the right and most suitable name for this event.

    Today, first time on the “Way To Work”, I was so excited to start this internship and a little bit scared of the unknown. I knew I would have the opportunity to see and learn tons of new things. As soon as I get inside, Mrs C. welcomed me and invited me in her office to talk and present my one-month experience at Adecco Switzerland. She gave me the program and I saw how exciting it seemed to be.

    I have already sent a dozen of application files for internships during the holidays. UnfortunatIely, none of them were a positive answer if I got an answer at all. And here I am, looking for something on jobup.ch. I found a great offer for July 2014. It seems pretty interesting because it’s an internship that helps me understanding how a business works and lets me visit all the departments in a company. That offer was the offer by Adecco Ressources Humaines SA for a post as a « Director Junior Opérations ». It was a perfect internship for someone who really wants to see how a business and all its departments work.

    The Swiss job market is exceptionally stable, as shown by the Swiss Job Market Index, which is compiled regularly by the University of Zurich. The index has been at a remarkably high level for a long time. Career entrants, in particular, profit greatly from this, their job market success in comparison to older job seekers is heavily and disproportunately dependent on the economic situation. When there are fewer job offers, young people leaving education and training have greater difficulty in their job hunting. The special situation for career entrants is the result of a critical disadvantage which young people have in the job market in comparison to older, skilled personnel: they lack of work experience.

    The Adecco Social CV Check shows quickly and straightforwardly as to where and how one’s own Facebook profile can be altered in order to have even better chances when job hunting.

    To define values for a company is one thing – it is more important to live them sustainably and out of conviction.

    Having well-honed communicative skills, being obsessed with feedback – the Generation Y, born between 1980 and 2000. What, however, do the Yers themselves think about these descriptions?

    Employer branding is noticeably gaining in relevance – not only in recruitment but for the general success of a company. But what’s behind the concept?

    Resu-ME –The film for a career! Read here how from a CV on LinkedIn a unique reference is made.

    Sochi should not only yield a top result for Alex Baumann, the pusher in the Beat Hefti bob team, as he has big plans in the professional field. Read here how the Swiss Olympic Athlete Career Programme (ACP) is supporting him in planning his professional career.

    “The social pressure for academic achievement leads to a dearth of apprentices, where they are so urgently needed”, says Michael Agoras, CEO Adecco Switzerland. Read more about the importance of our dual training system and the increasing dearth of qualified professionals in our blog!

    Autumn is getting near and with it the end of my work placement. Soon I will be sitting in the lecture theatre again instead of in the office. What were my tasks in the Marketing & Communications Department? What experiences and encounters will I be taking with me from my time at Adecco Switzerland? You can read more about this in my final blog article.

    Worldwide, Adecco employees are putting on their trainers again this year for a good cause. Not only do the employees themselves benefit from this commitment, but so also do especially four selected youth projects. Read more about theWin4Youth project here.

    Physical activity and sport are not only a benefit for the mind and body. Anyone in a fulltime job often hardly finds time and motivation to take part in sport. How can this hurdle be successfully overcome? How do you best integrate sporting activities into everyday working life? Read more about it in our blog article.

    Hi everyone. I am Andrea Fischer, 23 years young, a student and a passionate ice hockey player. In June 2013 I began a 3 month internship withAdecco Switzerland. How I came to do what I’m doing and why I find ice hockey so fascinating you can learn from my blog article.

    After retiring from the 2012 swimming circus, Flori Lang gained his first experience in the world of work, facing the new challenges with ambition and motivation. Read here how the Swiss Olympic Athlete Career Programme (ACP) helped him professionally on the way to a future career.

    Have you found your dream job? If not you’ll find exciting advice in our current blog.

    Summer is already on the doorstep and so, for many, the long awaited holidays. What needs to be thought about, in particular, when it’s going to be a long absence? How can it be ensured that there won’t be a mountain of work waiting after the holidays? Read in our blog article how you can optimally prepare for your absence.

    The requirements demanded by the Swiss job market have increased. Soft skills in particular are growing in importance. But what exactly is meant by soft skills?

    Trust is one of the fundamental elements in leading a company to success. How, however, does one build up trust and how does one retain it long-term? Read more on our blog.

    Only a short while ago a celebrated world class athlete in beach volleyball, now back at school again. Get a glimpse of Patrick Heuscher’s career path here and of how the Swiss Olympic Athlete Career Programme (ACP) is supporting him in it.

    It is quite common nowadays for students to spend a semester studying abroad. An international rucksack is almost expected for a career at management level. For many other jobs professional experience beyond the borders of Switzerland would also provide great advantages – but unfortunately the good old journeyman’s travels have become somewhat forgotten. The cantons are hence discussing countering this by introducing exchange programmes for apprentices.

    The new figures in the Adecco Swiss Job Market Index show that office and administration professions are slowly but surely losing ground. In view of the usual fluctuations, this development is not dramatic but all the same 18 percent fewer jobs are being advertised today than there were a year ago. Do Swiss companies then need fewer and fewer personnel?

    The time will soon be upon us: no end of young people will have completed their apprenticeships. The transition to working life is critical for young professionals. What are the next steps? Which points need to be considered in particular?

    More and more companies are employing workers on a temporary basis before they become permanent employees. This has advantages – not only for the firm but also for the employee. Read more about it in our blog.

    More and more companies are employing workers on a temporary basis before they become permanent employees. This has advantages – not only for the firm but also for the employee. Read more about it in our blog.

    With a first class education and a rucksack full of knowledge, future chemists, biologists and pharmacists bustle about at the Zurich Life Science Day at the University of Zurich. Evgueni Voronkov, Branch Director Life Sciences, knows: ʺThe sooner the young people can put their knowledge into practice all the better”. But how to make the leap into the job market?

    Your application papers have impressed your dream employer. Now, how do you score in the interview? “The more genuine, the better”, says Irene Zeller, HR Manager. But how this works and what else you have to look out for?

    As the project manager of Adecco‘s Swiss Olympic Athlete Career Programme (ACP), Claudia Kaufmann supports Swiss Olympic athletes in finding their feet in the professional job world. Here she is in direct contact with Swiss Olympic – Ralph Stöckli, Business Unit Manager for Association Management at Swiss Olympic revealed to her exclusively what is going on in and around the preparations for the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Read the interview here and learn more.

    The curriculum vitae (CV) is the visiting card of an applicant. Writing it, poses a lot of questions: How do I write a properly? What should be in it and what not? How do I convince the prospective employer that I am the right person for the advertised position? Find out from our blog article how to successfully overcome the first hurdle on the way to a new challenge.

    Which economic sector has difficulties recruiting suitable staff? Cornel Müller of “x28” presents the Top 15, the currently most publicised positions on Swiss websites.

    Have the abstract index figures in the Adecco Swiss Job Market Index (ASJMI) anything to do with reality? The sociologist, Dr Alexander Salvisberg, of the University of Zurich establishes the connection between the results of the study and everyday life.

    Here, it is almost commonplace for many companies to declare that they are having trouble finding the staff they are looking for. But did you know that the shortage of specialists is not only a European phenomenon but is also already making itself felt far away in Asia?

    Bettina Kassanke gives insights into day-to-day recruitment work for the care department of the senior citizens’ centre “am Bachgraben” in Allschwil. So that employment contracts with foreign care staff become win-win situations, the cultural understanding of all those involved is decisive.

    For a long time now, the workforce in the healthcare and nursing care sector in Switzerland has been faced with major challenges. Official reports on current strong growth in employment cannot mask the continuing high shortage of specialists in the Swiss healthcare sector.

    The German care nurse Regina Seeger speaks about her new job as a care nurse in the senior citizens’ centre “am Bachgraben” in Allschwil. She states what made her come to Switzerland and how she experienced the relocation of her place of work.

    Facts&Figures Healthcare staff are the decisive factor in the healthcare system. Read some interesting facts and figures on this.